Saturday, January 7, 2012

My turn for a 2011 recap.

Well, like Dianne said, this has been a lot of fun for us this past year. I am of a like mind with her that we should expand to reviewing just about everything we read, and not just things that we would highly recommend. This past year, there seemed to be a theme of mostly urban fantasy to our reading list. The fact of the matter though is that we both read books from just about every genre, so expect to be seeing a wider variety of books reviewed here in 2012.

Now for my recap:

Favorite new find
Kevin Hearne-Iron Druid Chronicles. Between the very entertaining story line and the awesomeness of the author, this was my favorite new find of 2011 and also my favorite storyline of the year.

Favorite addition to a long running series.
Jim Butcher-Ghost Story. This latest installment of the Dresden Files was really good. I enjoyed finding out some more of the back story related to the characters and Mr. Butcher did a good job of writing a “dead” character.

Biggest disappointment
Terry Goodkind-The Omen Machine. I'm not even sure what to call this book. Its either the latest installment, re-installment, or post-installment. I say this because the story was ended. Wrapped up, done, kaput. And it was finished beautifully. This is from my all time favorite series of books, The Sword of Truth series. See my previous post about The Omen Machine for more details.

Favorite epic story
Patrick Rothfuss-The Name of the Wind. These books are just great. Mr. Rothfuss is definitely a master wordsmith. I started out reading these books thinking that they were kind of slow, however, I could not put them down. The pace that he writes and the way he writes is almost hypnotic. I just cant explain it.

Well, there's my short recap of 2011. I've had fun with my meager contributions here and really hope to contribute much more in 2012.


  1. Looking forward to reading more of your posts :) And I don't know why, but the Sword of Truth series just hasn't ever done it for me... I might have to give it another shot in the future.
    Damsel in a Dirty Dress

  2. Thanks Nicole! The sister talked about you enough that I finally read The Arrival. I really enjoyed the story. Thanks for making it available on your blog, which I also enjoy reading.


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