Friday, January 27, 2012

The Awakening

The Birthright Trilogy is a dynamic series. You get a bit of fantasy mixed with a hint of chick lit, and a drop or two of Smex. There is a nice balance across the genre board. If you have a strong group of female friends, you'll find yourself identifying with these gals as they've transported to another strange land, with only each other as support. Nicole MacDonald's second installment of The Birthright Trilogy is just as fun as the first.

I will admit when I first started this book I was so mad at Nicole. It starts two months later? What?

But the big fight and the girls and what happened? I was a blubbering mess.

maybe I am exaggerating, but I was feeling like she was a bit negligent in her duties to make sure this book is EXACTLY what i want to read, because we all know that is the Author's first priority. (did you all get the underlying sarcasm?) But I will admit I felt a bit off balance with the jump.

The good news, that feeling of imbalance does not last long. Once you get going in the book it is great.

The pace was solid. It did not lag, something was always happening, progress kept developing. That is one thing you have to love about the series, that feeling of stagnation that so many series give you, is not here.

I know some people are still going to be thrown with the multiple points of view. I get it. It's tough to read this type of POV when we're not really exposed to it that often. But once you really get into it, it's fun. You get to see everyone's point view. I like to think of it as getting to try on the "different hats" of each character.

I liked the character progression of the sequel. The girls are growing individually, as a group and in their relationships with their partners.  I did feel the fight between Cat and Loi was bit "meh". I know my friends and I have crazy fights, but this conflict didn't feel organic (that's really my only complaint).

I loved the bad guy. I had a feeling it was going to go in this direction. I feel some "Muaahhhahaha" moments in the future. I love a well written villain. How can the heroes truly shine if they're not mucked up a bit?

The highs: the girls are getting more comfortable with their powers, you get a big twist on their origins, there's some smex, and my most favorite part..... There is a Dragon!

The lows: not really any true lows. I know some people are going to struggle with the 3rd person POV.

Final Thoughts
I have really enjoyed this series so far.  Don't let the multiple points of view scare you, if you give a it a shot i think you'll like this book.

Solid B

If you haven't, you should go back to the beginning and see where the journey starts. Nicole has been offering The Arrival free via her website


  1. ...I had to google what smex was ;p

    Thanks for the fab review :) I'm SOO happy you enjoyed it and meh to those that can't get the POV switches - those people won't be buying book two anyway *grin*

  2. i love the term smex, it's much more descriptive. lol!

  3. I have always enjoyed multiple POVs actually, so that wouldn't put me off at all! I have this on my Kindle - will hopefully get to it soon!

  4. I like it too, I think Nicole does a better job that most of pulling it off. I think it can get garbled if not written with enough finesse.


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