Saturday, March 16, 2013

Review: Wolf With Benefits

Wolf With BenefitsShelly Laurenston's Pride series is expansive. First, I must say that each one is better than the last. They always have me nearly rolling on the floor in laughter and her latest installment is no different. If you want to read a book that is filled with humor and really dynamic characters, this is the one for you.

Wolf With Benefits is centered around Ricky Lee Reed (one of them Reed boys) and  Toni Jean-Louis Parker. He's a wolf and she's a jackal. Ahhh canine heaven.  BUT we get to see tons of our favorite pride/pack members. That's one thing I adore about the universe Laurenston created. They are people you know. The wild dogs are your crazy fun cousins/siblings/neighbors. Blayne is that girl you love to death but maybe want to tie to a tree so she'll stand still, of course there's the dangerous Dee who you're glad you're her friend b/c you'd be fearful if she wasn't.

Ricky Lee spends most of this book following Toni around either because it's entertaining and he likes her, or to protect her because ya know, he likes her and she needs protecting. I love those Reed boys. Toni is a great character. She's the one normal siblings amongst ten prodigies. She's spent her life, managing their lives. I felt so bad for her a point when even she knows she deserves to break away and have her own little piece of life, but her siblings inability to take care of anything for themselves keep tugging her back. She has this overwhelming sense of responsibility. Which is admirable to me. We've not really seen the inner working of a jackal family in the series before and I found them rather interesting.

I won't spoil this too much, but when they bring in Novikov to handle the children because they're essentially just like him, had me in a fit of giggles. I guess one narcissistic psychopathic adult knows them all. Plus how could you not laugh when the 11yr old sculter/artist keeps following him around asking to do a nude study of Novikov because his body is perfection. Freaking hilarious, I tell you!

Anyway, I love Shelly Laurenston, her books keep getting better and better. I suggest you read them all because laughter is awesome for the soul and you'll feel ten lbs lighter after all the ab workout you'll get from reading her books.

I definitely give this book an A (or ya know 4 cups of sugar)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Review: House Rules

House Rules is the seventh installment of the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill. Publication date: Feb 5, 2012.

I adore this series. There is a ton of humor and snark loaded into every book. Each book follows grad student turned vampire, Merit, in her duties as Sentinel for Cadogan House.

There is a lot going on in Chicago in this installment. Cadogan is breaking up with the GNP, rogue and affiliated vampires alike are being taken down, and the human population is becoming more and more weary of the supernatural community. There are several twists and turns in this installment.  But my favorite part is Merit's rekindling of her friendship with her former roommate turned sorceress, Mallory Carmichael.

When she and Ethan inevitably have some issues, she has a nice dose of girl talk with Mal. It felt... right. Mallory has a lot of atoning to do, but she's working toward some sort of recovery. I like that Ms. Neill has some sort of redemption for this character. I was so afraid she'd go the way good girls gone bad and we would never hear from her again after she nearly destroyed Chicago a few books ago. I don't know about you, but in my opinion, too many strong female lead characters are left without a strong female relationship/friendship. They may depend on their man, but a true friendship that feels natural/organic is lacking.

If you haven't already, go pick up this book. It's one of my favorite series. You'll need to start at book one or most of the book won't make sense.

Favorite Part:
We find out about the animal Jeff shifts into.

Least Favorite Part:
stupid fairies and Lacey showing up.

I give this a big ol A

Friday, March 8, 2013


So, the sister and I have been completely negligent to this blog for a few months. We lost our father back in August and it seems that we both just kinda lost our mojo. I know the winds were completely taken out of my sails with the sudden and unexpected, heart wrenching loss.
If anyone still checks us out to see what we've read and read our thoughts, I'm sorry for the absenteeism. Not only have I not posted on any of my blogs, I've not even worked on my own stuff that I'm writing.

So, here and now, let it be known, we will return. If anyone is still checking in, I promise there will be an update within the next week. I have read a few things, just haven't posted my thoughts. I know Dy has read a few books herself as well. Also, I'm getting back to work on my own book, and as I promised months ago, I will be sharing some samples here.

  So, if you're still out there, we'll once again be clogging up the interwebs with our thoughts and ramblings soon! Be well and blessed everyone...


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I review for BookSneeze®

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Fate's Edge- Ilona Andrews
Tricked- Kevin Hearne (IDC 4)
The Doors of Stone (King Killer Chronicles) Patrick Rothfuss
Whatever Jim Butcher writes in 2012
Bear meets Girl- Shelly Laurenston
Biting Cold- Chloe Neill
Sacrificial Magic- Stacia Kane
Molly Harper- Jane Madison Nice Girls don't Bite Their Neighbors
Patricia Briggs- Omega #3
more, but that's a good start for now.