Sunday, January 8, 2012

I need to find a new author who rocks my socks off

Last year when I found Patrick Rothfuss' series, I was elated. I was a kid in the proverbial candy shop. I have rarely found an author whose books I have enjoyed as much as I did this series.

There is a list of books that have moved me. A list of books that have caused me to reexamine my life and perhaps my way of thinking. Soon, I'll publish that list. It needs to be out there. I think most people would be surprised that one of my favorite books is about a Russian Jew who went through tons of torture during Czarist Russia. One of my other favorite books centers around a tart citrus tree and it's various benefactors throughout the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

(If someone can guess those books, I'll think of something cool to give you. Maybe I'll buy you a book via amazon or bn? Or I'll make you a bookmark. something.)

But I need a new book, I need one that moves me, makes me question the world in which I live. I need to find someone with such a distinct voice that it pushes me to be a better writer, to write something so prolific that I could be satiate my wayward literary soul, if only for a moment.



  1. I haven't even heard of Patrick Rothfuss - but you've convinced me to look for him. I don't know if I can think of any books that are as moving as those! Have to 'fess the books I read are all purely escapism ;p Love the blog button! :)

  2. p.s

    I can't promise it'll be as prolific as you're looking for, but I think you'll enjoy it anyway. Would you like me to send through a copy of Awakening? If so just drop a note on my blog saying yay or nay and what version (epub/kindle) :)
    Damsel in a Dirty Dress

  3. thanks nic! But I already it this past week. I've been to sickly to read it, but I'm looking forward to delving into it, hopefully tomorrow.


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