Saturday, September 15, 2012

Two ravens and a very badass crow

Just finished Kevin Hearne's Two Ravens and One Crow.  It was brief, quickly read, and as always entertaining.  My calling it brief was not a complaint or form of criticism, it is as intended a novella, about 52 pages(not counting the sneak peek at Trapped) long(Nook pages), and fills in some blanks.  You see, between the last installation about everyone's favorite druid and the next, 12 years in the story and several months reader wise will have passed, so Mr. Hearne, being the awesomely cool guy he is, decided to provide us with a wee bit of filler on both accounts.

The story takes place 6 years after Tricked and gives us a little insight to a few things.  We learn about the Morrigan's unique perspective of baseball, a peek at the progression of the dynamic between Atticus and Granuille and what I am sure will be some background to explain some of how Atticus will be interacting with the Norse in Trapped.

One nugget of detail that I really appreciated was the dive into how the druid gets his ink repaired. That was definitely interesting. 

There wasn't as much banter with Oberon, but there wasn't much opportunity with the length of the story.  As always, I was left wanting more, not in a dissatisfied, the story needed more way, but in a, darnit, I love this story and could just keep reading on and on about anything Kevin Hearne writes kind of way.

All in all, I'm happy that he took the time to pen it for us to read. I hope Kevin knows how much we all really love his story and I for one appreciate him for giving us some filler.  Now I'm ready Trapped. 

I will add one more thing, if you haven't read the other books in this series, you will be lost if you just pick this one up. It's not intended to be a stand alone read, so don't try it, you will be doing yourself a huge injustice.  Buy the books, all of them, start at the beginning. They aren't expensive and they are well worth the time. 

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