Monday, February 6, 2012

Not a book, but I'm really into this dudes story.

So, there's this guy named Andy Weir and he has a website, , where he posts his writings. He has several stories on there, some complete, some not. I actually encountered this guy through a link provided by one of the members on an off-roading forum I am a member of that is dedicated to full size broncos and guns and all kinds of manly stuff.

While I've read a few of his listings, the one story I am keeping up with (I check daily for updates) is The Martian. Sometimes he drives me nuts because he only updates every 6-8 weeks. I know he has to write everything and get it ready for public eyes, but hey, I'm needy with my reading! This past week was another example of my grrrness about his page. I saw an update, my heart swelled with happiness, then I realized it was not an addition to The Martian, but a new little short story. I say all this lightly by the way. I really do look forward to reading new installments, but I am actually very understanding about time constraints. Anyway, I digress, back to The Martian.

The Martian is technically an Earthling. He is the left behind, believed as dead and lost to his crewmates, astronaut. The story outlines how he was stranded, how he survived and how there was NO way possible for his crew to have any idea whatsoever that he might be alive.

It shows his determination, his intellect and survival skills put to the test to preserve his life. At times you almost want to cry and at times you will actually laugh out loud at his thoughts and his interactions with NASA and eventually his crew.

Weir does an great job of making you "feel" this character and his circumstances. The ordeals he goes through, the bureaucracy involved in trying to recover him and the emotions his crew, his supp port on earth and he himself are going through. He writes all this without making you go, "no way, that's bull malarkey" I highly recommend checking it out, if you can stand the suspense of waiting for further installments. Currently there is quite a bit of content there, so its not like you'll only get a half hour of reading entertainment.

btw, grrrness is MY word, but feel free to use it yourself!


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