Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Arrival: Birthright Trilogy

One of my most favorite Kiwi blogger friends had a little riddle contest and the winner (moi) got a free copy of her book. Let me direct you to Nicole's MacDonald's website first and foremost. You can read the description over there. I've been following Nicole since she began her blog. We began around the same time, but she's way more awesome than I am, because she already has her book up for purchase on Amazon, BN, Goodreads and Smashwords. I have been itching to read her book, since I've kept up with her process since the start, and I can say with all the honesty in the world, I enjoyed her first novel immensely.

This book is an adventure and a half. It had me laughing and turning green with envy over Nicole's eye for detail. I love a good fantasy meets sci-fi novel. Think Lord of the Rings meets a really interesting and witty chick lit book. At first I was afraid I would be thrown off by the switching point of views. I knew she was going to do it, but I hadn't quite prepared myself for how it would work. But it did work out well. It is actually a very interesting way to read a book. You get to try on different characters and see their point of view.

I enjoyed the relationship between the four girls. Their absolute loyalty to one another really stuck out to me. Their interactions never seemed contrived and pretty steadfast to how I see my friends and I interacting. I loved all of the love interests for each of the girls. I felt that Nicole matched them all very well with someone who would challenge them and bring them out of their shells, but do it in a unique way.

My most favorite aspect of this book is Nicole's keen eye for detail. I felt like I could see it all unfold in my mind. Which to me, is a sign of a great novelist. I found myself wanting to see the Griffin take flight and their varying colors of feathers matched with their lion-like manes. Oh and what I wouldn't give to have an Ada in real life to make my wardrobe sing.

My only grievance was the ending!!! I wanted more, which just means I'll be picking up the second book the second she releases it. I sort of felt like she ended it on the climax. I needed that payoff. But other than that, which may or may not be a good thing to others, I loved the book.

Nicole my hat is off to you on your first novel out the gate.

Rating: B+

Review Guidelines

I realized after I gave Nicole's (most awesome) book a B+ I didn't clarify what that meant. Which I will admit is pretty lame on my part. So i think I will break it down for you here.

A- to A+= Perfection, wouldn't change a thing, I love the writing style, It made me think and/or go outside my comfort zone.
some examples:
American Gods-Neill Gaiman
The Fixer- Bernard Malamud 
The Lemon Tree-  Sandy Tolan
That is some hefty competition to ever jump into A status.

B- to B+- Enjoyed the book, perhaps even loved the book. Definitely recommendation worthy.

C- to C+- Liked the book, maybe felt like there was something missing, or something annoyed me on the basic level.

I won't review a book that doesn't get at least a C-. No worries about D or F books. I don't feel like I am in this to rip into another author.

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Fate's Edge- Ilona Andrews
Tricked- Kevin Hearne (IDC 4)
The Doors of Stone (King Killer Chronicles) Patrick Rothfuss
Whatever Jim Butcher writes in 2012
Bear meets Girl- Shelly Laurenston
Biting Cold- Chloe Neill
Sacrificial Magic- Stacia Kane
Molly Harper- Jane Madison Nice Girls don't Bite Their Neighbors
Patricia Briggs- Omega #3
more, but that's a good start for now.