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Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors

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This is such a fun and quirky series. Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors, is the fourth installment of this Nice Girls Don't... Series. The main character, Jane Jameson, is a librarian turned vampire/book shop owner.  In this installment, Jane finds herself in the midst of wedding planning craziness, vampire parenting, and trying to out maneuver her Satan-like grandmother from the beyond. A Jane Jameson book would not be perfect without there being someone trying to kill/maim Jane. I swear she is the definition of Murphy's Law. Whatever can, will go wrong given the right circumstances. In Half Moon Hollow, those circumstances must encompass just being Jane Jameson.

  I have a certain fondness of the Jane Jameson character. I identify with her on so many levels. She's a super book worm,Jane Austin loving, trivia spouting, murphy's law defining type of gal. I think we'd be besties if she were a real person. Jane finds herself in so many precarious situations/adventures, but they feel real. Growing up in the South, I feel like I know these characters. Molly Harper does a splendid job of weaving so many different personalities into each book. It doesn't feel contrived. You feel connected with Jane and her friends/enemies. Her mom is the quintessential over bearing mother. The town is full of small town southern gossip. It seems, well rather normal to me. Which is scary in and of itself.

I give this book a solid B+

If you want something that will give you a good laugh, check out this series. It's fun, it's smart and will keep you entertained throughout the entire book.

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