Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fair Game Patricia Briggs

Many of you may have read the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. The Alpha and Omega series is set in the same world. This is the third installment of the A&O series. Honestly, you should pick up all the books. They're good reads. Lots of shifters and some Fae issues. Her world building is definitely done with a tempered hand. It is expertly woven over the course of several books. Nothing feels forced.

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After the murder of three werewolves, Charles and Anna are sent to investigate a serial killer. They have to work with the FBI, Homeland Security and a newly formed governmental group CANTRIP (i kept reading it as cat nip) in order to bring the killer to justice. Charles is an Alpha without a pack, the right hand mad to the Marrok (head of all weres/his father) and his wife, Anna, is a much sought after Omega. You get a good deal of mystery and investigation. It almost read like a crime novel and the urban fantasy stuff was "almost" secondary.

This book was especially enjoyable. You got to see the progression of their relationship, a peak into the MT world, and some new developing politics with the Fae. The ending of this book was so bad ass. I was happy with the whole thing, but I literally squee'd while reading the last few chapters. It was such an epic declaration.

You really do need to read the first A&O books in the series to really be invested in Anna and Charles. So I wouldn't recommend just picking it up. But if you're on the market for a whole set of books, I would Tell you to Pick up the Mercy Thompson Series and then Give the Alpha and Omega series a shot.

Rating A-

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