Friday, March 2, 2012

Iron Druid 1 Read Along Chapters 1-4

Hello everyone!

This is going to be a mega busy blog week. I have so much to review. I am extra excited about this. Plus I plan on leaving a short excerpt from the book that I AM WRITING. yes you read that right, i am going to drop a good little sneak peak at my newest creative venture.
But on to the read along. If you'd like to join, go over to the Geeky Blogger's page and sign on up.

1) Kevin Hearne had the most perfect beginning for this book:  "There are many perks to living for twenty-one centuries, and formost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius."  If you were to live for centuries what do you think you would be excited to see? 

I think I would for sure love to see the changing dynamics of the world powers. You see some countries rise and fall, while others quietly take their place. Also, the evolution of architecture. I would love to see all the new juxtaposed against the old.

2)In the 2nd chapter we learn about the amulet and its protection powers!  Do you think having met the Morrigan and heard about Aenghus Og that it will be enough to protect Atticus?  I mean the Morrigan has a point about hot chicks coming after him and his defenses might be down! He is very male!
I felt that atticus was such an old druid, that he hadn't lived through all the craziness by pure chance. I think it would be good protection to a certain point.

3) The literary world's coolest dog is introduced in this chapter!  Did you love Oberon immediately?  Show me a picture or describe the type of animal you would love to have as a talking companion! (Cat, Dog, Mouse, Sloth, Horse---what is your pick--pictures please)?
I fell so dang hard for Oberon. I don't think I have ever wanted to adopt a literary animal quite as bad as him. He's so dern lovable!
and you said anything....

4) In this chapter Flidais asked Atticus what his name is and then precedes to ask if anyone actually believes he is Greek?  He says nobody pays attention to names here.  Do you know what your name means and where it comes from?  Or do you have a name you wish had?  Let's talk names!

Diane is the french version of the latin name Diana. She was the goddess of the hunt (Roman mythos) and the daughter of Jupiter. She was the roman counter to Artemis.

5) We learn about Atticus' lawyers in this chapter, a rather unique combo!  Without jumping ahead, would you hire a lawyer combination of two supernaturals who on the surface would appear to be natural enemies or at the very least two very Alpha attitudes? What would be the positives and negatives of that decision.

I absolutely would! They would strive to be the most awesome lawyers possible. I would never doubt their loyalyt because once a werewolf gives you his word, it's stone. 


  1. Goddess of the hunt would like to have a tiger. Color me cautious.

  2. I fell hard for Oberon too! Definitely would love to adopt him. Like your choice of animal, would be pretty cool.


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