Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tricked; Dianne's Take

I know you've read Del's take on Tricked earlier. I have been dragging my feet about posting this update. I don't know why exactly. But life has just been getting in the way lately.

Don't take my procrastination as a slight against the series, or this particular book. This installment continued to hammer on home what I've been saying all along about Kevin Hearne. He is a masterful world builder. The amount of lore he weaves into his world, is a key indicator of his exceptional writing style.

He effortlessly went from his last installment which landed Atticus heavy with the Norse, to this story which had him Ass-Deep into trouble with the Dine (Navajo) Gods.

As in the previous three books, Oberon is mega charming and one of the most shining beacons in the story. If this story doesn't make you 1. want to buy an Irish Wolfhound or 2. fall in love with a fictional hound dog, you have no soul.
Coyote is one of my favorite characters in IDC world. He's neither a good or bad character. He's just Coyote. Which If you've read any Native American stories about Coyote, you'll understand that Trickster gods are always to be watched out for and never to be trusted.

The Norse is still a problem and Atticus is coming to realize that for all his 2,000 years in this world, he doesn't always make the best decisions. There is also a resolution of sorts with the local resident vampire.

I was very happy with this book. I felt like he wrapped up a few loose ends and opened the book up for the fifth installment. Again, I always recommend this series. It's smartly written, it's fun and it's worth the read.

I give it an A++

I am super excited y'all. If all goes right we will be heading to Nashville to meet Mr. Kevin Hearne on June 9th at his book signing at Parnassus Books. Let's cross our fingers and hope that nothing happens to throw a wrench in those plans.

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