Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today Sucks

I got up early and put a yummy sunday meal into the crock pot. Thinking that YAY something good to have later and I didn't really even have to work at it very hard.

Then about an hour later, I get a call from my brother.


My dad's in the hospital.

Luckily I have a best friend who works in that ER. She's at the beach in florida but that that did not keep her from calling up there  and making sure they knew who he was and to take care of him.

I have nothing but respect for nurses. Their job is hard, they work very hard and get little thanks. They see so many patients that it gets to be routine and sometimes people can start to become numbers. I don't ever want someone I love to be just another number on a chart. I wanted them to see him as a person.

So she called up there, made sure he had a good doctor and made sure he got a on a good floor with good nurses.

Have I mentioned that I love my best friend.

Well I do, she's amazing.

Dad's CHF has flared, his kidneys are sucking. He's stable but we don't really know what is going to happen. If it's good, his CHF will straighten out, his numbers will come down and he'll be able to go home.

Let's pray for that outcome.

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