Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy busy busy

So, I've been horrible at posting recently.  I've been super busy and haven't read anything new in the past few weeks. I've got to get to the book store or even better, break down and buy an e-reader.  In the past, I have read e-books on my laptop, but that's not always conducive to my lifestyle.  I'm thinking that if I hook myself up with a kindle fire, nook, or new tablet, I will be able to get more reading in. Plus, there are a couple of things coming up that are in e-format only.  Also, I live so far from a decent bookstore, that I don't always make it by one when I'm really busy.  All that being said, I'm buying an e-reader this week! Presenttime for Del!

And now for my excuses....I've been working  a superlot lately...gotta pay the bills! But, I've also been working on my book a little here and there.  It's kinda crazy, I was all inspired and cranked out about 15k words in a couple of weeks, and then, I got in to a non-writey mood. Since then, I've been jotting down little "scenes". Something will come to me and I'll put it on paper(computer monitor actually).  I'm feeling like the muse is about to strike again though! My goal is to have it ready for my first re-write by Halloween. I have all the ideas there and I pretty much have it ready to go, just somedays, I can't get the words out, while on other days, I can't stop writing. I've been working on this particular story for about 7 months now.  Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I might feel bold enough to share an excerpt here.

Oh yea, I met the fantastically awesome Kevin Hearne. He was just as cool and friendly in person as he is online. I really enjoyed meeting him and hearing his thoughts and answers to our questions.  I also listened to a podcast interview with him that I enjoyed a lot.  If he comes back this way, or if I'm ever out his way, I will definitely make sure to get to speak to him again. Thanks for visiting the south Kevin!

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