Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh wait! It's not quite over yet....

 We all hate to see one of our favorite series come to an end. But we all know that it's better to go out when it makes sense, rather than limp a story line along past its expiration date. At the moment I can think of several series that probably would have been better served had they wrapped up 2 or 3 books ago. But occasionally some authors end a series with such care that you don't really fell sad about the conclusion. Ends were tied up, not everyone had a happy ending, but you don't feel robbed by that fact. They just came to the end of the natural progression of the story line.

but what happens when they come back?

The Sword of Truth series is one of my all time favorite sets. It is written by reclusive author, Terry Goodkind. This 12 book set could be described best as epic novels. Very long (most over 800pgs), each story tying into another story.  These books are intense, and you truly find yourself wrapped up in the story line. He did a magnificent job crafting each story. He did an even better job wrapping it up. Yeah he did that in 2008. Initially I was sad to see Kahlan and Richard's story wrap up, but I was satisfied with their conclusion.

However, he brought them back this past May in a new arc. I have not had the opportunity to read the book. My brother has, so he can weigh in on them in separate post. But I find myself hesitant to pick it back up. I'm afraid I'll hate this new story line and feel like he has stayed past his welcome. I hate the idea of disliking my favorite series of all time.

He's the author and it's ultimately up to him. Perhaps he was shacked up in his cabin (seriously guys, he's a recluse) and his muse smacked him across the face and demanded another story. The series has everything you could want. Magic, battles, feminism, capitalism, communism, political uprisings and falls. They're epic. What if this new story doesn't live up to the pedestal I've built and put this story on?

Eventually I will break down and read the new book. It's like a Christmas present sitting there still wrapped on the 26th. It would be maddening to not rip it open and find out what prize lay beneath. But I'm holding out as long as I can. Fearful that I'll find that its stayed past its expiration. Let's hope not.

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